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Browse curated catalogue of globally available products. We have industry staples such as Gildan as well as more premium brands like AS Color and Stanley/Stella. Select and start designing your next Merch drop in just a few clicks. 

Fanbace Merch on demand

Without RISK, stock or limitation

Our global network of on Demand partners removes the need for inventor. When an order is placed, we takes over. Managing production and fulfilment of your merch orders direct to your fan. No upfront investment in inventory or minimum order commitment. Merch on Demand enables you to unleash your creativity and offer fans Merch without an of the limitations of the traditional merchandise model.

How it works


Sign up for your FREE Fanbace account and connect your e-
commerce channels in just a few clicks.


Select the products you want to sell from our catalog. Upload, scale and position your artwork.


Publish products to your store. Promote your merch to your fanbase and start selling instantly.

Sell your merch on Shopify, Bandcamp, MusicGlue or use our free eCom solution STORES.

Sustainable & smart distribution


Fanbace has a growing eco-focused product offering.
From brands such as Stanley/Stella on the apparel side, to biodegradable phone and tablet cases.

Through a global network of on Demand partners, onshore production and fulfilment, Fanbace strives to fulfil orders at the closest point to the delivery address. Further reducing carbon emissions by cutting out unnecessary international transit. The on Demand printing processes also dramatically reduces water usage.

Fanbace makes merchandise sustainable!

Maximise your creativity

Offer your fans full colour designs across a range of products. Create Merch without limits.

Start selling merch in a few clicks

Monetise your global fanbase with the power of Merch on Demand.
Start selling in minutes, without risk, stock or limits.


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