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Fanbace is a FREE merch on demand solution for the music industry. Using tech and our global print on demand network we’re empowering all artists to create revenue from merch. 

Merch, unlike streaming, can be a consistent source of income. Fanbace enables you to offer merchandise to your global fanbase without any of the overheads. Sign up and browse our catalogue of globally available products. 

NO RISK, INventory or limitation.

Combing easy to use tools and our global on Demand partner network, we’ve simplified the merchandise process and removing the need for inventory. Enabling all artists to generate revenue from merchandise.

Once orders are placed we manage production and fulfil direct to your fans around the world. Enabling you to unleash your creativity, do more drops. Offering fans more opportunities to support your music. While you focus on the business of music.

How it works


Sign up and claim your FREE Fanbace account. It takes just 30’sec. Once you have verified your email address, you can start designing your next merch drop.

Centralise all your merchandise activity. Store you artwork in one place. Monitor order progress across multiple stores in a single view. No more hoping in and out of web-stores.


Choose from our grow catalogue of products. Tees, hoodies, sweats, tote bags, mugs and more. Upload your artwork, position, scale, and save. Front, back and sleeve printing available on relevant products.

We offer industry staples blanks from Gildan, Bella Canvas, AS Colour, AWDis and more. As well as eco-premium blanks from Stanley/Stella.


Your merch is ready. Let’s show your fans. Sell merch on Shopify(Spotify), Bandcamp and or MusicGlue. You also have the option to use STORES by Fanbace. Learn more…

We manage order production and fulfilment globally. You get instant access to your profits and you own the fan data. Use our Profit Calc to work out what you can make from merch sales.

smart Merchandise

Here at Fanbace we believe in a Print-on-Demand top-down approach to merchandise. Letting the data guide and educated decisions that best serves your fans and you. Having a real-time view of where orders are in the production process, where fans are ordering from, and what they are ordering, can save you a lot of time, and more importantly, money. Making poorly educated decisions can be the difference between making or losing money with merchandise.

Knowing what your fans want is key. This can very from fan to fan, and or country to country. Any artist looking to maximise their merch revenue these insights are the bases of your merch startery. If you fans in Berlin are buying pink shirts, you need pink shirts on your merch table when you next play Berlin!

With our global network of on Demand partners. On-shore production and fulfilment. Fanbace is making smart merchandise possible for all artists. No MOQs. Local production and fulfillment. Reducing shipping costs and times. Removing unsold merch from landfill, and your garage. Reducing water usage and carbon emissions. On Demand is the smart future of music Merchandise.

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