Top 10 Best Band Merch Ideas to Try Now

To make sure you don’t run out of ideas for great band merch, we list the top 10 band merch ideas you can start designing and selling today. 

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: every day is a potential merch day. For bands trying to strengthen their artist brand, increase engagement with fans, or simply trying to supplement their income. 

Whatever your reasons for setting up a merch strategy might be, you don’t want your merch offering to stagnate. That one band t-shirt you designed three years ago isn’t going to get your current fans excited. 

What are the top 10 band merch ideas you can try today?

To make sure you don’t run out of ideas for great band merch, we list the top 10 best band merch ideas you can start designing and selling today. 

1. Bags

Best thing about selling merch like tote bags is that they have great practical use. Fans can bring your band merch bags along each day and put it to convenient use. Meaning you’ll get a lot of exposure in the process.

2. Hoodies

Nothing beats a good quality, comfy hoodie. Slap one of your favourite band artworks on there, and your loyal fans will literally wear your band on their sleeves. Great for both late summer evenings in the park, as well as for hanging out with friends, listening to your latest album.

3. Wall Art

What better way for fans to display their love for your band than by putting up a poster or other artwork up on their walls. Your band merch will be there to greet them in the morning and when they go to sleep at night. Who knows, it might even get their friends to become equally loyal fans. 

4. T-Shirts

This is a classic band merch idea that should definitely be part of your merch strategy. All the big bands include t-shirts in their merch offering, and so should you. One day, your band’s t-shirt might become just as iconic as the ones ACDC, Nirvana, the Doors or the Rolling Stones once designed.

With Fanbace, you can print high-quality, sustainable, eco-focused band t-shirts on demand. That means you don’t need any stock in advance, and you only print what you sell. No risk, nor limits, basically. 


5. Drinkware

As much as your loyal fans might love your band, it’s highly likely some of them enjoy a strong cup of coffee – or tea – in the morning. You can make sure your band is part of that seminal morning ritual by designing mugs with your band artwork on it. 

6. Guitar Picks

Fans aren’t only into listening to your music. Your true super fans are the ones spending hours each day trying to learn how to play your music on their guitars. There’s no better way for them to shred those guitars, than with a custom guitar pick from your band in hand.

7. CDs / Vinyl 

We know, we know: in the age of music streaming, who still buys CDs? As a matter of fact, there’s been a major resurgence in music fans purchasing physical music items to support their favourite artists. You should approach selling CDs and vinyl as if they’re another piece of band merch. 

8. Patches

Circular fashion is all the rage these days. If your band and, by extension, your fans aren’t into fast fashion, you should consider designing some cool band patches. Fans can use these patches to repair their old clothing. This turns any piece of clothing into a potential piece of band merch.

9. Headwear

Headwear like caps and beanies are popular in any day and age. Whether it’s a snapback, trucker cap or bucket hat, a large percentage of your fans will want one. This type of apparel should definitely be part of your band merch. 

10. Stickers

This band merch idea is a great example of fan-generated marketing: printing and selling stickers with your band’s artwork on it. Ask fans to stick these where other people can see them: their bikes, cars or laptops, for instance. Makes for great social media competitions as well, of course.

Any other band merch ideas? Let us know!

These ideas are just a few examples of the type of band merch you could be designing and offering to your fans. Like we said: every day is a potential merch day. Make sure you stay relevant to fans by adding new merch regularly

With a solution like Fanbace’s print on demand merch platform, you’ll be able to ship new merch ideas within minutes of having dreamed them up. Without risk, stock or limits. 

You can use your Bandcamp page to sell merch, or even use our brand new Merchlinks to sell merch without needing any site at all.

If you have any band merch ideas you think we should add to this list, please let us know!

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