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Make Money From Your Merch with Fanbace. No risk. Just Profit.

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It's A Fact!

For many music fans, collecting band merchandise is a natural extension of their love for, you, their favorite artists. Whether it’s a t-shirt, hoodie, or poster, fans love to show their support for their favorite artist by sporting their merch. As a result, selling merch can be a profitable endeavor for artists and bands.The business of selling merch is tricky and full of unknowns. It can be a really steep learning curve, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, can cost you a lot of money and time.In this article we’ll outline some facts and lay out how you can start making money from you merchandise from month one.

The vast majority of artists selling merchandise are not making money. It’s seen as a must have, or a right of passage. If we have merch we’ve made it! There is no more expensive way than merch to burn through you cash and leave you wishing you shouldn’t have bothered.

The traditional merch model has been the only game in town for 50+ years, but it’s no longer fit for purpose. Minimum order quantities. Limitations on the numbers of colours in a design and the very risky all upfront model.

In all honesty, the traditional merch approach is a guessing game. Starting with, What designs should we print and how many? To, What sizes and products should we offer? All the answers to these questions are unknowns! And come with huge financial risk. Not even the biggest merchandise companies in the world can get the answers to these questions right, so how you expect to!

On average 30% of all printed products never get sold. That means, if you work to this %, out of very 100 t-shirts you print, you’ll be left sitting on 30. This reduces your profit per-unit sold by 30%. Oh, and you’re left with 30 units.

Let me ask a questions, does this sound like a sustainable model? I didn’t think so! And this is way merch has been seen as painful, doesn’t make money and not worth the effort. Until Now!


Unlike the traditional merchandise model, Fanbace uses technology to remove the risk of upfront costs and guesswork.

By removing risk you’re free to be more experimental, and to develop a merchandise strategy generates consistent revenue all year round. When you no long need to worry about finding a printer that will take your order, or finding the cash to pay for the 100 t-shirts your may or may not sell. You can begin to identify opportunities which the traditional model just can support.

Print on Demand allows you to offer merch without stock. No upfront costs means you don’t have to part with any money in advance. Faster turnarounds and printing close to the fan means orders are fulfilled, in most cases, within 72 hours. Resulting in a better experience for your fan and an increased repeat purchase rates.

High quality digital printing technology has advanced greatly in recent years, resulting in prints that can match or exceed traditional screen printing. With digital you’re not restricted by the number of colours that make up a design. Unlike screen print, where you are restricted by the number of colors a printer can offer, your available budget or both. Digital prints only restriction are, does this design work on with this base colour or your imagination.


We have democratized merch by combining font end self serve tools under pinned with our global fulfilment infrastructure. Transforming the music merchandise industry, democratizing the creation and distribution of music merchandise. In the past, producing merch had high upfront costs and complex logistics. However, with Fanbace Merch on Demand, all artists can now create and sell high-quality merch with ease, regardless of where they are in the world or their budget.

Print on Demand has significant benefits for both artists and fans.

Artists: it means all artist can now start selling merchandise without risk or the overhead of upfront costs. They can sell a wide range of merchandise to fans all around the world without leaving the house! We deal with fulfilment and shipping. We print and fulfil from the closest of our PoD facilities to the fans door reducing fulfilment time and reducing shipping costs.

Fans: fans can purchase your merchandise without having to wait for an artist to tour in their area. Artists can now offer fans a wider and more consistent merch offering direct from their webstore. With onshore production in all major territories, fans can buy amazing merch, more often and without high international shipping costs and long delivery times. This all adds a better fan experience, resulting in more fans buying from your more often.


The Fanbace model works by printing merch on demand, only when orders come in. This means no commitment on order volume, freeing artists up to create merch when and how they want.

On average artists using Fanbace to sell merch are seeing profits per unit of 50%+. Artists are seeing an average of 26 sales and profits of £334 per month.

You can start offering merch without any upfront costs. Our integration with Bandcamp allows your to start selling merch at no cost to you. Once you’ve added Fanbase as your fulfilment partner, we take care of all your order production and fulfilment.

Get started in a matter of minutes! Checkout the below videos walking you through the entire process.

In conclusion, Fanbace Merch on Demand is transforming the music merch industry. Making merch accessible, flexible and a more sustainable option for all artists. We’ve opened up new opportunities for bands/artists just starting out, and independent artists to create and distribute merchandise without upfront costs, and for fans to purchase high-quality merch with ease.

As Merch on Demand continues to grow and develop, we can expect to see even more democratization of the music merchandise industry.

We can’t wait to see what your create!