Print on Demand is Democratizing Merch

Why is Print on Demand transforming the music merchandise industry?
Democratizing Merchandise for all artists.

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Print on demand (PoD) is revolutionising the music merchandise industry. Traditionally, bands and artists would have to produce merchandise in bulk and hope that they sell out. This process could be costly, time-consuming, and risky, especially for independent musicians without a large following. However, with POD, artists can create custom merchandise on-demand, without the need for upfront investment.

Technology is democratizing the music merchandise industry in several ways.


PoD allows artists to create unique and custom merchandise without the need for large minimum orders. In the past, if a band wanted to create a custom t-shirt or hoodie, they would have to order hundreds or even thousands of units to make it cost-effective. This made it difficult for new artists, or those with niche a following to create merchandise that accurately represents their brand or message. With PoD, artists can create one-of-a-kind items that reflect their vision without breaking the bank.


Greater control over the merchandise creation process. Artists can design and upload their artwork to Fanbace, choose which products and colors and publish to their webstore in real time. This control allows artists to experiment with designs, products, and colours without the fear of unsold inventory. You can also quickly add new items or remove ones that aren’t selling. keeping your merch offering fresh and relevant.


Merch on Demand allows artists to offer a wider range of products to their global fanbase. In addition to traditional t-shirts and hoodies, you can now offer custom, bags, mugs with more products coming soon. The variety allows fans to find merchandise that best suits their personal style and or budget, leading to increased sales and loyalty.


Fanbace Merch on Demand enables all artists to sell merchandise without the need for webstore or distribution network. This is particularly beneficial for independent artists who may not have the resources to maintain a webstore or handle order fulfilment. Now artists can sell using Fanbace Merchlinks or our new STORES feature direct to fans or via social media. This direct-to-consumer model not only simplifies the sales process, but also allows artists to retain more of the profits from each sale and the customer/fan data.

Print on demand means that bands and artists no longer need to order large quantities of merchandise in advance, risking the possibility of unsold stock. Instead, they can upload their designs to a print on demand platform, and fans can order merchandise directly from the platform. The platform will then print and ship the merchandise to the fan.

This model of production has significant benefits for both artists and fans. For artists, it means they can create merchandise without having to worry about upfront costs or storage space. can also create and sell merchandise to fans all around the world, without having to worry about shipping or distribution. For fans, it means they can purchase merchandise without having to wait for an artist to tour in their area or risk purchasing from untrustworthy third-party websites.

One of the most significant ways print on demand is democratizing music merchandise is through the range of products available. In the past, producing a variety of merchandise required ordering large quantities of each item, which was often financially unviable for smaller bands. However, with print on demand, artists can offer a range of merchandise options, from t-shirts to hoodies, tote bags, and even phone cases, without the need for a significant investment upfront.


Another way print on demand is democratizing music merchandise is through the design process. With traditional merchandise production, artists would need to hire designers and create designs well in advance. However, with print on demand, artists can create designs as and when they want, allowing for more flexibility, creativity and enabling artists to tap into all opportunities.


Most importantly, on demand is helping to reduce waste in the music merchandise industry. In the past, unsold stock would often be discarded, leading to unnecessary waste. With print on demand, there is no need for large quantities of merchandise to be produced in advance, reducing the amount of waste created.

30% of all printed merchandise ending up unsold, on demand production is the future to merch supply chain.

In conclusion, print on demand is transforming the music merchandise industry, making it more accessible, flexible, and sustainable. It has opened up new opportunities for all bands and independent artists to create and sell merch without upfront costs, and for fans to purchase high-quality merchandise with ease. As the print on demand industry continues to grow, we can expect to see even more democratization of the music merchandise industry.