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Start Selling Merch in just a few steps
  1. Click the ‘Product Creator’ button.
  2. Select a Merch product from ‘Blank Products’
  3. Add your artwork and start designing.
  4. Save & publish. Your Merch is now ready for your fans to enjoy.

Where to sell?

Start Selling Merch in just a few steps

Step-by-step videos to help get your first products live and for sale.
If your still have questions contact us using the live chat or send us an email.

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Artwork templates

Quality Merch starts with great artwork.

High quality artwork

To ensue quality and consistent of print, artwork must meet our minimum specs. We’ve created artwork template for all our products. Templates are saved with our minimum spec and sized to the max print area. Download and use a guide to ensure artwork is perfect everytime.

Artwork Check List:

Download artwork templates here.

How to use our templates


Our range includes industry staples to more fashion focused products. All products are available for global Direct 2 Fan fulfilment. We offer essential, premium and eco-premium collections. Stanley/Stella focus on eco-friendly and sustainability at a premium level. Gildan offer a huge range of colours options, product for all budgets and global availability. Keep checking back as we’ll continue to grow our offering.
Apparel brands:

*All products are available for global fulfilment. Some are not available in all local territories so require international shipping. We’re working hard with our product partners to fix this as its our goal to fulfil as many orders as possible from the closest point to the delivery address.

Frequently asked questions

Print on Demand or PoD simply means, products are only created once an order is placed. Removing any need for stock and giving you limitless Merch opportunities. You can offer that album artwork in every colour, size or across all our products if you wish. No risk or investment in stock means your free to experiment and find out what your fans really want.
All our apparel products are printed using a process called Direct to Garment or DTG. During the print process the inks are jetted on to the surface of the garment. Creating a bond with the textile resulting in a very soft hand feel.

DTG is a 100% digital process which enables use to print one off items without huge costs or setup times.A huge USP of DTG is you’re not limited by the number of colours that make up a design. You’re free to use every conceivable colour you can create using RGB.

Mugs and other hardline products are printed using a process called Sublimation. Like DTG sublimation is a digital process so you’re not restricted by the number of colours. One thing to note with sublimation is, all products start from a white base and not all products offer full print coverage. This is something to bear in mind when designing. For example our 11oz coffee mug has a print area of 22cm w x 8cm h which results in a lot of white space left uncovered. In this case we’d recommend using a position print, logo on each side of the mug, making the most of the white canvas to make your design pop.
Print on Demand is 100% risk free way to offer your global fanbase amazing Merch. Products are only printed when an order is placed and paid in full. We print and ship direct to your fans anywhere in the world. No upfront investment in stock or minimum order quantities. When an order is placed we take over, print and fulfil direct to your fan. All the time updating you on the status of the order. Leaving you to create music and profit.

Bulk or volume on the surface can seem like a more attractive option. If you know you’ll sell out, have a team or have the time to fulfil orders yourself, then yes it can be a good route to take. If you have none of the above, it can work out expensive, time consuming, a return on your investment is hard to calculate. Also, what to do with the left over stock in your spare bedroom, under your bed or garage?

Shipping rates are calculated by weight.

Weight by Product:
T-shirt – 200g
Sweatshirt – 600g
Hoodie – 600g
Mug – 400g
Tote Bag – 200g
Poster – 200g

See below rate cards. 

*EU-EFTA – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
€€€ EU EU-EFTA UK US CA AU Rest of World
-250g €5.29 €7.81 €3.43 €3.34 €8.45 €9.84 €7.97
250g-1kg €7.52 €12.62 €5.67 €8.42 €14.16 €17.57 €20.90

*EU-EFTA – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
£££ EU EU-EFTA UK US CA AU Rest of World
-250g £4.66 £6.87 £3.02 £2.94 £7.44 £8.66 £7.01
250g-1kg £6.62 £11.11 £4.99 £7.41 £12.46 £15.46 £18.39

*EU-EFTA – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
-250g $6.35 $9.37 $4.12 $4.01 $10.14 $11.81 $9.56
250g-1kg $9.02 $15.14 $6.80 $10.10 $16.99 $21.08 $25.08
+1kg $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

*EU-EFTA – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
-250g $8.15 $12.03 $5.28 $5.14 $13.01 $15.15 $12.27
250g-1kg $11.58 $19.43 $8.73 $12.97 $21.81 $27.06 $32.19
+1kg $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

*Pricing can change based on increased carrier charges. We’ll notify you of these changes if and when they do.

We ship to your fans anywhere in the world. It’s our goal to fulfil and ship from the closet point to the delivery address, reducing fulfilment and shipping times and removing international or cross boarder transit.

Please Note items from the same order may arrive separately.
Once orders leave our facilities and enter the carriers network we have limited control. If you are ordering as a gift for a birthday, Xmas or another special occasion we recommend you allow plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 orders may take up to 7 days longer depending on the effect on the carrier network in the destination country or city.
Our current apparel range includes Gildan, Bella Canvas, Stanley/Stella, AS Colour and AWDIS. All products we can fulfil globally. Brands such as Stanley/Stella can currently only be fulfilled out of the UK or EU to the rest of the world.

We’re constantly reviewing our product offer and take feedback from the market and customers. So if you’d like a product or colour made availabe please reach out and let us know.

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