Most frequent questions. Answered!!

Everyone!. We built Fanbace to level the playing field and enable anyone in the music and live entertainment industries to monetise their global fanbase without the risk and upfront costs of traditional merchandise offering. Whether you’re forming your first band, or established and want to earn more and have more control over your IP, then Fanbace Merch is for you. All artists need revenue to support their careers. Merchandise is sustainable and now using Fanbace you can monetise your growing fanbase without any risk or need to invest in stock.

Free for Ever!. We’ll never charge you to open a Fanbace account or to use our base service offering.

Our apparel is printed using a print process called DTG (Direct to Garment). The process is 100% digital which means you’re not limited by number of colours. You can print full colour artwork with no additional costs or fees.

PoD is a supply chain model. Products you sell are produced only after an order is placed and paid for in full. The PoD model removes the need for stock and enables you to offer a bigger range of merchandise to your fans without risk.

Simple!. Hit the Sign Up button in top menu. Fill in your details and we’ll reach out. Account activation will take no more than 24hrs.

The short answer is Yes!. We ship globally. Our models aims to fulfil orders at the closest point to the delivery address. 

In short Yes!. We strive too gives you access to products that we can fulfil in country or at lest that we can ship globally. For example, Stanley/Stella products are available in all EU and UK countries but for the ROW we’ll ship to your fans around the world.

If a product is out of stock we’ll offer you a product of equal quaility. We do all we can to circumvent these issues by monitoring stock levels and working directly with the manufactures.

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