Everyone! We’re building Fanbace to level the playing field and enable anyone in the music and live entertainment industries to monetise a global fanbase without risk or the upfront costs of the traditional merchandise offering. 

If you’ve just formed your first band, Or are an established artist wanting to take control and maximize your Merch business. Fanbace is for you!

Every artists needs revenue to support their vision. There are multiple streams of revenue flow, but merchandise is the fastest, most sustainable and scalable of them all. With Fanbace you can your grow your merch offering without the need for stock, upfront investment or the overheads of day-to-day order fulfilment.

You sell! We do the rest!

Simple! Hit the Sign Up button in top menu. Create and activate your account. And you’re ready to get started.

Fanbace is FREE for forever!

Print on Demand simply means, Print to order. Gone are the days of printing 100+ t-shirts in advance. Now you can offer unlimited merchandise products, sizes and colour options to your fans without commitment or risk.

When your fan places an order for your latest tour shirt, only when the money is in the bank do we print the t-shirt. Completely de-risking your merchandise stretagery.

All our apparel products are printed using a process called Direct to Garment or DTG. During the print process the inks are jetted on to the surface of the garment. Creating a bond with the textile resulting in a very soft hand feel.

DTG is a 100% digital process which enables use to print one off items without huge costs or setup times. A huge USP of DTG is, you’re not limited by the number of colours that make up a design. You’re free to use every conceivable colour you can create with RGB.

Mugs are printed using a process called Sublimation. Like DTG, sublimation is a digital process so you’re not restricted by the number of colours. One thing to note with sublimation is, all products start with a white base, and not all products offer full print coverage. This is something to bear in mind when designing. 

For example: our White 11oz coffee mug has a print area of 22cm w x 8cm h, which results in a lot of white space left exposed. We’d recommend using a position print, logo on each side of the mug, making the most of the white canvas to make your design pop!

We’d like you to, but NO. 

The beauty of Fanbace is you can use our solution when it makes sense for you. Use Fanbace to get started, experiment with products, designs and colours options. Find out what your fans like or dislike by offering a wider range.

Offer that album artwork from your back catalogue on a hoodie or different colour way. Why not offer your entire back catalogue! No risk or stock commitment means you’re free to offer Merch your way!

This an age old questions! 

The answer is simple.

Print on Demand is 100% risk free, sustainable and scalable. Offer your global fanbase an amazing range of Merch in minutes, not weeks or months. No limitations on the number of colours a design can have. Products are printed to order. We print and ship globally, from the closest of our partners direct to your fan. No Upfront investment in stock or minimum order quantities. No day to day order fulfilment as we manage production and fulfilment for you.

Bulk or volume on the surface can seem like a more attractive option. Are you confident you’ll sell the numbers needed to cover your costs, and make a profit?  Do you have a team, or the free time to fulfil orders yourself?

If the answer to the above is YES! Volume could be the better option.

If the answer to the above is NO!  Volume can work out expensive, time consuming. Return on your investment is hard to calculate as you need to consider all the elements that make up the total cost of good.

No and No! Our pricing is totally transparent and displayed at every stage when saving and or publishing a product.

The short answer is Yes!.
We ship to your fans anywhere in the world. It’s our goal to fulfil and ship from the closet point to the delivery address, reducing fulfilment and shipping times and removing international or cross boarder transit.

Please Note items from the same order may arrive separately.
Once orders leave our facilities and enter the carriers network we have limited control. If you are ordering as a gift for a birthday, Xmas or another special occasion we recommend you allow plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 orders may take up to 7 days longer depending on the effect on the carrier network in the destination country or city.

Shipping is calculated by weight.
Example Shipping Weights-
T-shirt – 250g
Sweatshirt – 600g
Hoodie – 600g
Mug – 400g
Tote Bag – 200g

All orders are shipping Tracked outside the UK. In the UK we shipping all orders 2nd Class 48h.

Shipping Rates –




*EU-EFTA – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
251 to 500g€6.55€10.10€4.20€5.70€11.00€5.00€11.00
      ^by road**Except Brazil



*EU-EFTA – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
£££EUEU-EFTAUKUSCAAU^Rest of World**
251 to 500g
      ^by road**Except Brazil


*EU-EFTA – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
251 to 500g
      ^by road**Except Brazil



*EU-EFTA – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
251 to 500g
      ^by road**Except Brazil


SP, RJ, MG€4.15£3.50$4.14$5.98
RS, PR, SC, DF€4.15£3.50$4.14$5.98
Extra Item€1.19£1.00$1.18$1.71

States Of Brazil By Area

***Pricing can change based on increased carrier charges. We’ll notify you of these changes if and when they do

Bandcamp shipping can be complex at first. They have gone with unit priced shipping which at first you may think is the most logical, but enfact can result in you losing money. This is because all carriers calculate shipping costs by weight. To help you get going we’ve created below table.

item upto 250gextra cost per additional unititems 500g-1.5kgie t-shirtextra t-shirthoodie, hoodie + t-shirt
within US$4.00$6.50$10.50$15.00
From the US to CA$10.14$6.85$16.99$20.00
within UK$4.12$2.68$6.80$15.00
within EU$6.35$2.67$9.02$15.00
within AU$5.00$1.00$6.00$15.00

We use a number of carries to to ship your orders. The carrier is dependent on the country of production and delivery. When your customer receives a Dispatch update it will contain a tracking number where relevant.

To track your order use multi carrier tracking site https://track.aftership.com/ to get real time information on the whereabouts of your order.

*UK orders are not tracked. We use Royal Mails 2D Barcode solution which provides status updates from collection to door step handover.

In short Yes!. We strive too gives you access to products that we can fulfil in country or at lest that we can ship globally. For example, Stanley/Stella products are available in all EU and UK countries but for the ROW we’ll ship to your fans around the world.

If a product is out of stock or there is limited supply we’ll offer to switch for a product of equal quaility. We do all we can to circumvent these issues by monitoring stock levels and working directly with the manufactures. But, stock issues do happen and when they do we have a plan B.

Yes! Our price includes garment, print and fulfilment. Shipping is the only additional costs.There are no additional fees or surprises!

The below is not tax advice. We advise you consult a local tax advisor in your country to understand your TAX obligations.

The short answer is Yes! 

Fanbace is registered to pay VAT (value-added-tax) in the EU. This means we are bound by the tax laws of the EU. 

As a seller or merchant, you are also bound by law to collect and pay VAT on all Merch sales to your fans. You must pay the VAT to the country where the fan resides.  As of July 1st 2021 the rules changed to what is called Cross-border VAT for e-commerce. 

EU to EU sales – To simplify VAT collection and returns for Ecom sales, the EU have created One Stop Shop. You can now fill one return for all VAT collected from sales in the EU. Example – If you are a band based in France, and your fans in Germany, Spain, Belgium buy a shirt from your online store. Instead of having to have a VAT number for each country, collecting VAT at the local rate of the fans country, you can now fill one EU VAT return via OSS.

Threshold – If your sales are less than €10,000.00 in a year, you charge VAT at your local country rate. Once you tip over €10,000 in sales, you must charge VAT at the rate of the destination country. See all EU rates here.

Orders are printed and fulfilled at the closest of our partner facilities to your fan. Our technology automatically routes your orders to the closest in real time.

On all apparel we offer both font and back print options. Our price includes one print position. Additional print positions there is an extra charge. You’ll see a breakdown of costs when saving your product.
All orders placed before 12pm EU time for core colours and sizes, it is our goal to dispatch all orders within 3 working/business days.
Orders placed pre 12pm Monday will ship by end of day Wednesday.
Orders placed after 3pm Friday will ship by end of day Wednesday, not Tuesday.

For non-core product ordered can take an additional 7 working days.
Public and national holidays can effect dispatch times.
We offer full colour print across all products. You’re not limited by the number of colours in your design.
Referee to our product & artwork templates for design spec and max print size for all products.
Not at the moment. It is on our road map and we’re currently working on adding this option. We’ll let you know when it’s available.
Not at the moment. Embroidery is top of our list for addtional decoration option and we hope to have it in place by the end of this year.
No, product veriants are only limited by the colour and size options available.
We’re always looking for new products and or colour and size options. If you can’t find something you would like to offer your fans, send us an email and we’ll add it if it make sense to do so.
When an order is placed 100% of the funds go in to your account. We debit the card on your Fanbace account for each order.
This means you get instant access to your profits. You own the fan sales data. And you never get an invoice from us.