Fanbace. What's the story?

The story of Fanbace. How it came about and why?.

You’re very welcome to the first Fanbace blog post.

Before you continue I want to set you straight. I’m not a writer, which you’ll find out very soon, and to boot, I am dyslexic. This is stacking up to be a great read right? 🙂

“I could see the shift in global supply chain to on Demand and Drop Shipping. Once eCom/D2C started to adopt it and it became main stream, PoD found its place. With my background in the music industry I could see how on Demand could add real value for artists.”

In 2010 I started my journey into the new world of eCommerce and D2C fulfilment. At this time pick n pack was the only game in town.

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